Current Precautions in regards of the Corona Virus crisis (Covid-19)

Important Information regarding the current Corona Situation

Dear customers and colleagues of Tierklinik Stuttgart Plieningen - Veterinary Specialist Hospital,

In regards of the current corona pandemia we inform you of necessary precautions we are facing at the moment and hope for your understanding. These measurements are for your own safety as well as for our staff's and the protection of the ongoing patient receiving and veterinary care (and thus for the safety of our patients).

Please inform us prior to your visit at our hospital, if:

  • You have been travelling or have been a resident of a corona risk area within the last 14 days (e.g. Italy, Tirol, Elsass, Lothringen & Champagne-Ardenne, Madrid, Iran, China)
  • You or one of your closer friends or family have been in contact with a corona positive person.
  • You or one of your family members show flu-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat or coughing.

If one of the above mentioned Situations affects you, Please:

  • Ask a non-affected person to bring your patient to the clinics AND
  • Inform us prior to your visit via e-mail (brwsngtrklnk-stttgrtd) or phone (0711 637380)
  • If necessary, the veterinarian in charge will get into contact with you via phone to gather relevant information regarding the clinical history of your pet. The required diagnostics and treatments will accordingly be coordinated with you via phone.

Furthermore, in order to protect the ongoing veterinary care and patient receiving, we will have to face some restrictions and limitations, that affect you as well as us, ourselves:

  • Only one accompanying person will be allowed with your the pet patient inside the hospital building.
  • If you prefer, you can also wait outside or in your car and we will contact you when you are next.
  • Children are currently not allowed in the hospital building for their own as well as the other customers' safety.
  • Please keep an individual distance of at least 2m to every other person.
  • Please do not use handshakes for greetings, accordingly we will give you a smile instead of a handshake.
  • Please use the sanitizer dispensers provided in the waiting areas and restrooms for your hands
  • In-patient visits currently will be limited to very critical situations.
  • Patients that require anesthesia will be adopted by our staff and stay within our care until fully woken up.
  • Please inform us, if you or a contact person have been tested positive for corona virus within 14 days after your visit at Tierklinik Stuttgart, Veterinary Specialist Hospital.

By your assistance you provide valuable contributions to other customers', as well as our staff's health and thus to the protection of the ongoing patient receiving and veterinary care for our four-legged patients.

We appreciate your understandig!

The Team of Tierklinik Stuttgart Plieningen, Veterinary Specialist Hospital

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