10 core questions

1. Is the Veterinary Clinic Stuttgart right for my pet?

We are a veterinary specialist clinic for small animals and pets.

So if you have a dog, a cat, a rabbit or a guinea pig, you made the right choice . Our veterinarians have various specializations and they can optimally treat your four-legged friend.

Can I also come directly to the Veterinary Clinic Stuttgart without the referral letter?

A referral letter is not required for the registration in our clinic.

3. Do only patients with serious diseases get treatment at the Veterinary Clinic Stuttgart?

We have also treated “common problems” and patients for years. Of course it includes also vaccinations and preventive medical check-ups.

4. Are there many examinations which are basically performed at the Veterinary Clinic Stuttgart?

No. In our clinic after the detailed study of a preliminary report each animal patient is first of all thoroughly clinically examined. After that, if necessary, we discuss with you the necessary further examinations.

5. When has my pet to pass inpatient treatment in the clinic?

Patients are basically admitted as inpatients only if otherwise the optimal medical examination or treatment cannot be guaranteed. Of course, patients get veterinary treatment also at night. You will receive information about the conditions of your pet every day. Visits are possible during opening hours after the consultation with the responsible veterinarian.

6. Can I choose the desired veterinarian during the arrangement of an appointment?

It goes without saying that during the arrangement of an appointment, your wishes will be taken into account. However, specific examinations are performed only by corresponding specialized veterinarians at our clinic.

7. Will my pet be treated by another veterinarian by every visit?

In case of control and follow-up examinations we always try to arrange your appointment with the same veterinarian. However it is not always possible because of the timetable. Thanks to daily visits and on the basis of our detailed digital patient file, every veterinarian can immediately have a comprehensive overview of previous disease progression. This guarantees seamless additional treatment.

8. What are the waiting times in a veterinary clinic?

Thanks to the practice of arranged appointments the waiting times are minimized as much as possible. In case of emergencies which might occur and which must be treated preferentially from the medical standpoint, we cannot always avoid delays of appointments.

9. Can a medical case be solved also by email or by telephone?

The determination of a “remote diagnosis” does not correspond to the rules of medical duty of diligence and it is essentially not possible. Clinical examination is vital for the assessment of the clinical picture. However, you can and should bring with you the results of possible preliminary examinations to the appointment.

10. Where can I park?

Free parking spaces are available directly at the Veterinary Clinic in the underground car park and in emergency cases also directly in front of the clinic.

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