Inpatient stay

Of course, we know that your four-legged friend most of all likes to be with you at home, but in case of different diseases, inpatient treatment and monitoring are urgently required. These cases include, for example, breathing difficulties, patients that require an infusion, animals that need intensive pain therapy or patients with constant epileptic seizures. Sometimes patients also stay at the Veterinary Clinic overnight before or after the operation.

In total about 50 inpatient places are available. They are distributed among different stations. In order to organize the stay as stress-free as possible , the rooms are separated from each other, which is very important especially for cats and pets.

Our stations:

  • Intensive care unit for dogs and cats
  • Dog station for big dogs with walkable boxes
  • Dog station for small and medium-sized dogs
  • Dog station with free space without boxes
  • Cat station
  • Pet station
  • Infection ward
  • Recovery room for dogs
  • Recovery room for cats

Daily routine for your four-legged friend:

Good care and nursing of our patients are very important to us, just according to the motto:


Our professional veterinarians take care of regular walking and feeding. To take care of your pet we have a comfortable shower and a hair dryer and, of course, the tender loving care may not be missed out on. As a rule, all the patients are discussed during general visits of veterinarians. The respective responsible veterinarians examine the patients in the morning and in the course of the day they perform examinations and therapies. Patients receive the required medication at prescribed intervals. For physiotherapy we have a trained physiotherapist who does exercises also using the aqua treadmill. Veterinary care is guaranteed at our clinic around the clock.

Just as in human medicine, it is not feasable, that a veterinarian can sit in front of a patient all day or night long. Furthermore, the individual care and surveillance certainly depends on the clinical state of your pet. However, even in very stable patients, a veterinarian will check in regular intervals if everything is in order.

How can you learn about the health condition of your four-legged friend?

As a rule you will receive calls at least once a day. Please be sure that you provide us with a telephone number so we can reach you at any time. We ask you for your understanding, if you cannot be called already early in the morning . At first we would like to take care of the patients. If there are problems with your four-legged friend, you will be always informed IMMEDIATELY !

Are visits possible?

Yes, you may visit your pet during normal opening hours. Please discuss it with the responsible veterinarian and arrange an appointment.

What is the procedure of discharge?

At the appointed time of discharge the responsible veterinarian explains to you what is important for the further treatment at home and gives you the required medications. At this point you can ask one more time all the questions that you might have. After that we bring you your four-legged friend …. and finally you may go home!

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