Magnetic resonance tomography

The magnetic resonance tomography or abbreviated MRT or MR or MRI is a comparably new tomographic technique in medical diagnostics. It is used primarily for the imaging of structures and functioning of tissues and organs .

MRI is a very complex physical procedure and it is based on measurements of oscillations of protones (hydrogen ions) in a magnetic field.

The advantages of MRI compared to other tomographic techniques, like computer tomography, are first of all excellent soft tissue contrast and a very good imaging of changes to the content of protones (water content) in the injured tissue.

MRI is used in veterinary medicine primarily for the imaging of the brain, spinal cord and joints – mainly, of the knee joint (cruciate ligaments).

Beside a correct technical performance of the MR examination, the assessing veterinarian must complete comprehensive training in order to be able to interpret the images correctly. Only in this way can the correct diagnosis be determined and the correct treatment be initiated.

We use a 0.25 Tesla Vet MR grande by ESAOTE, with special software designed for animals.

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