Computer tomography

The computer tomography or abbreviated CT is a widespread tomographic technique used in medical diagnostics. In veterinary medicine, it is used first of all for the imaging of bony changes, in case of herniated discs, nose and lung changes and for the imaging of blood vessels.

The CT is based on X-radiation. In comparison to normal X-ray images, it enables imaging of the smallest body structures without overlapping due to calculated sectional images. Computer programs also enable 3D imaging of objects, which can be very helpful when planing surgical operations.

Computer tomograph
Computer tomograph

The advantages of CT compared to other tomographic techniques, like magnetic resonance tomography, are first of all found in the detailed imaging of mineralized structures (for example bones) and in short examination times.

In veterinary medicine, the CT is used primarily for the imaging of joints, bones, the spine; the ear, nose and throat region; the lungs; the pancreas; and the urinary tract.

We use a 16-slice CT by Canon (formerly Toshiba).

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