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Veterinary Specialist Hospital

We would like to introduce ourselves

For more than two decades the AniCura Tierklinik Stuttgart GmbH (former Tierklinik am Hasenberg) has been offering veterinary care at the highest professional Level, thanks to specialists in various veterinary fields. As a veterinary specialist Hospital we place special emphasis on thorough, comprehensive diagnostics as the basis for specific therapy planning.

Primarily we provide special care for dogs and cats, but also small pets (rabbits, guinea pigs etc.) and in emergency cases even for exotic pets (such as reptiles, amphibians and birds) we offer sophisticated diagnostics and therapy.

The clinic is not only a direct contact point for pet owners, but especially our specialists also work in deep cooperation with local veterinarians. Animals in emergency cases, patients with unclear diseases and other problem cases are referred for the determination of diagnosis, surgery and/or subsequent treatment. Once the patient can be released from the inpatient care unit, the private veterinarian receives a comprehensive summary report to be able to take over the further treatment.

Tierklinik Stuttgart offers many specialists from various fields. The team of veterinarians guarantees permanent medical care for the patient. Experienced veterinary assistants and apprentices additionally take care of and treat the animals. This way, challenging problem cases can be optimally managed at any point of time.

Cat Friendly Clinic (Gold Status)

Anicura Stuttgart is proud to carry the Gold Status as a Cat Friendly Clinic.

Clinics with this certification are expected, among other things, to provide veterinary care at a consistently high level. This includes regular training of all employees on the latest findings in feline medicine.

Urkunde als CFC 2022

A visit to the vet with a cat is associated with very special challenges. On the way to the clinic and away from their familiar surroundings, cats often do not feel comfortable and are unsettled. They are extremely sensitive to new environments, sounds and smells. Most cats are solitary animals, appreciate quiet and tolerate stress very poorly. Dogs in the veterinarian's office put most cats in fear. Cats need to be handled gently and with respect.

ISFM accreditation as a Cat Friendly Clinic is evidence that the clinic in question meets a higher standard of care for cats by:
- Knowledge of the needs of cats and makes practice and veterinary appointments more cat-friendly
- Knowledge how to treat cats in a gentle and caring manner
- In-depth knowledge and medical equipment to care for cats

Cat Friendly Clinic (CFC) accreditation comes in three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. The "Requirements" screen provides full details of the requirements. In each accredited clinic, the staff is committed to treating cats sensitively, gently and respectfully, and to making every effort to make the veterinary appointment as stress-free as possible for patient owners and their cats.
The CFC program is operated by the International Society of Feline Medicine (veterinary division of the renowned animal welfare organization International Cat Care) and accreditation is made possible in partnership with Ceva, Royal Canin, Boehringer Ingelheim, Idexx, Elanco and Zoetis. The program is designed to enable cats to feel comfortable and receive a high level of care in veterinary practices and clinics. The International Society of Feline Medicine created the Cat Friendly Clinic initiative to encourage veterinary clinics to initiate changes to optimize the well-being of the cats entrusted to their care.


New location

The Tierklinik am Hasenberg starting from July 2018 at the new location!
We are looking forward to welcoming you in our new premises!
From now on the doctors from the Veterinary Clinic Stuttgart practice with usual professional expertise in Stuttgart Plieningen.

Starting from the arrival, through the treatment, and up to the “checkout” we offer you ideal conditions at the new location for helping your pet in the best possible manner.

Our philosophy

In our team of specialists we place special value on careful diagnostics and interdisciplinary cooperation. They form the basis for specific therapy planning at the highest medical level. The well-being of our patients is top priority. In this respect, close cooperation with referring veterinarians plays an especially important role for us. Another important part of our philosophy is the regular organization of workshops in our Advanced training center.

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